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c/ Alfonso XI 32. Seville. 2014

The dwelling occupies the ground floor of a two-story row house building. These were built to house the workers of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. The ground floor dwellings have open courtyards facing the facade. These courtyards alternate with smaller ones that provide access to two upper-floor dwellings. This configuration is duplicated to complete the block, leaving interior courtyards of approximately 6.30 m by 6.30 m. These are further divided into four for the private use of four individual dwellings. Therefore, the dwelling undergoing renovation has a courtyard open to the facade and two interior courtyards of approximately 9 m² each, open to each other, with an approximate surface area of 40 m².

In the 1929 design, the living room occupies the center of the floor plan, serving as a distribution space with little connection to the exterior, placing the rest of the rooms in a circular arrangement. The new design reconfigures the layout from circular to horizontal, stacking the rooms in bands or sections according to their use. In addition to reducing the number of bedrooms, it repositions the living room, making it the main space parallel to the facade.