The project is motivated by a municipal order to carry out necessary works to maintain the required conditions of safety, health, and aesthetics.

It concerns a building between party walls, with 3 floors and a setback penthouse. The ground floor is for commercial use, leaving the staircase for access to the apartments at the back, next to the southwest party wall. The first floor is occupied by one apartment, and the second floor and the attic by another with a complex layout.

The building occupies the entirety of an almost square corner plot, measuring 92.27 m², located in the historic city center. The perimeter of the building is formed by a load-bearing wall with generous dimensions. Inside, a wall parallel to Arfe Street forms the only recognizable bay. This wall is on the ground floor, supported on wooden beams over the facade walls, stone and brick pillars encased in mortar grout. The rest of the building relies on a central pillar, on the ground floor, made of granite, and upper floors made of brick, also encased. The bay parallel to Calle Arfe has three floors with wooden floors of different sizes perpendicular to the facade. Above these, the ground floor has solid brick panels, and the upper floors have wooden floors. The other area functions with two beams, per floor, parallel to Calle Real de la Carretería, supporting wooden floors with beams perpendicular to this facade on the ground floor and the first floor. On the second floor, the attic floor changes the direction of the floor. These beams are also inclined, clearly alluding to being part of an old roof subsequently covered by the attic.